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Fans of the Muppets

Anything and everything Jim Henson

Fans Of The Muppets
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A Celebration of Jim Henson's beloved characters
A community for fans of all things Muppet related.

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We're here to celebrate Jim Henson's work, present, past, and future.

We're here to celebrate the Muppeteers, shows, movies, etc.

We're here to encourage each other (with puppet projects and otherwise) and be groovy to each other.

Reviews are welcome. Criticism is welcome. Constructive, that is, of course. Leave the heckling to the old guys in the balcony.

What is not allowed:

- Personal bashing of Muppet Persons be they Muppeteers, Writers, Directors, etc. It's just not nice. You can say "I prefer Jim's Kermit over Steve's," but not "Steve sucks, he sounds nothing like Kermit, and he's totally ugly and stupid." We love Steve.

- Eating the drums.

- The phrase "Jim Henson would..." in a negative light. i.e., followed by "rolling in his grave", "grossly disappointed", etc. SPOILER ALERT: Jim Henson is dead. You don't know what he would do/think/say today. You can't speak for him, or anyone else, living or dead. Also, he was cremated. So there. (However the use of "Jim Henson would..." followed by "eat an entire banana split in one gulp" or "totally dig this, I think". Or in other jokey fun fashions is fine.)

- Unrelated posts.

- Being an big meanie. Remember, man, Peace and Love. If you don't agree with someone, that's cool. It happens. Don't resort to first-grade name calling and the like. That is not groovy, man. Keep it mellow, dudes.


The Muppets are foamy love.

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