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So a Swedish Chef and an Austrailian comedian meet up in Montreal, Canada...
rebecky_mo wrote in muppets
Here's a scene from Just For Laughs: The Muppets All-Star Gala; a special that premiered in Canada on Christmas Eve. It features the Swedish Chef cooking a local delicacy, and comedian Adam Hills coming on shortly afterwards, and fanboying pretty hard. The start of the clip is from the Australian showing of the special, and an interview with Adam; to skip right to the show, go to about 2:54...

What you don't see after Swedish Chef hands back the spoon? Adam gets down on his knees and does the 'we're not worthy!' bow of worship. And here's a backstage interview of what happened offstage:

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I was actually at that show - it was AWESOME to see live!

We stalked the stage door afterwards to try and meet the Muppeteers - I have a picture with Adam and the Spoon (which by that time he'd had autographed by the Chef)! ;)

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