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Selling Pigs in space items
chibi_5 wrote in muppets
hi all!

I'm new, my name is Jessica ^-^ so my mom used to be a HUGE pig collector including Miss Piggy. Recently she is starting to sell her collection and we came across a "Pigs in Space" lunch box with thremous and cards. all dating back to the 70's.

heres a picture:

shes asking $25 for the whole lot of pigs in space items. and I know for a fact she still has more. So if your interested in this item let me know ^-^ I dont mind shipping it anywhere in the world.

thankies! there are other for sale items on my journal ^-^


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How much for shipping to Australia?
And, what othewr stuff is for sale?

hi there ^-^ sorry for the long awaited reply, I had to go to the post office for the shipping prices. Anywho shipping to australia is $21.50. Also we found this miss piggy cup, heres a pic :

and the back

Let me know if your interested ^-^ the cup is only $3.50. and if you want the cup shippingis $4 more (cup is glass so it will be in a nicely contained box) This weekend my mom and I will be going threw her collection completely, I'll let you know what I find :D

Very interested in the pigs in space items. Where can I get in touch with you to possibly purchase them??

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